About Us

About Us

Hello everyone,

We are Shmruthi and Kannan, a young couple hell bent on travelling the world without compromising on our full time careers. The last five years has seen us living in Paris, Brussels, Chicago, Ho Chi Minh City, Hong Kong and Singapore for work and studies. Through thick and thin, we have discovered our love for adventures and trying something new and exciting. We have constantly pushed each other to get out of our comfort zones and this is what keeps us going in life.

Shmruthi (or Smithy for those who are scratching their heads on how to pronounce that name 😉 ) used to blog about her solo adventures in Vietnam 3 years back and now with Kannan taking over the lens, felt it was the right time to start writing again. This time, it will be more than just travel tales (of course there will be a fair share of that too)! Everyday we meet so many people who inspire us in so many different ways. We hope to bring their stories to light in addition to our own travel and life stories. Wish us good luck and join us in this journey.

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