Travel the world draped in Six Yards…

Travel the world draped in Six Yards…

In the last few months, my travel wardrobe got a major upgrade. Something that I never once imagined that I would do, happened! From a complete dummy, I became a semi-expert and felt a joy unlike any other…

Ofcourse I am talking about Sarees here 🙂

Black and yellow saree in rice fields
Tegalalang rice terrace, Ubud, Indonesia

A saree is one of the traditional wears of India worn by millions of women everyday, be it while taking care of their home or running a country! Growing up, I saw my mom confidently stride in her sarees commanding respect at her workplace with ease. My fascination with this magical attire that seemed to be spun around a woman’s body like a complicated web, started right there. And somehow while I was chasing after my dreams, it remained just a fascination, a fantasy garment that is worn only in certain worlds.

Until recently…

White and pink jamdani saree
Overlooking Izola, Slovenia

Started as an experiment, I owed to wear a saree to work every Friday primarily as a salve to that ache in my heart and to get more confident in my skin and roots. No matter where I was, whether it was Singapore or Germany or Liechtenstein! In the beginning, there were always a million butterflies buzzing in my stomach but soon enough it stopped. Surprisingly or not, I started reveling in this weekly affair with the six yards.


Black linen saree in Dubrovnik
Streets of Dubrovnik, Croatia

As the confidence and love for sarees grew multi folds, I was ready for the next experiment – Sarees in travels! From then on sarees have travelled with me to Bali in Indonesia, Hanoi in Vietnam, Piran in Slovenia, Dubrovnik in Croatia and Neuschwanstein in Germany. I cannot express enough how beautiful and comfortable they have made me feel in every single occasion! Infact, sarees made my travels much more enriching by fostering connections with fellow travelers.

Pateda Anchu saree near Tolmin river
Along Tolmin Gorge, Slovenia

I stepped out of my comfort zone initially and have been rewarded with a rediscovered passion that will stay with me for the rest of my life. It is incredibly liberating to reach a state where draping a saree is no longer tedious and reserved only for special occasions. For every young woman reading this, wear whatever you choose to wear with pride and don’t let your inhibitions come in the way for anything, let alone draping a saree.

Pateda Anchu in Pant drape in Slovenia
Along the Tolmin Gorge, Slovenia

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